2 night tour route advice Rugeley to Welshpool

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2 night tour route advice Rugeley to Welshpool

Postby Bengdogg » 25 Jun 2012, 12:19pm


I was just after a little route advice for a mini tour. I live in Rugeley Staffs and my parents live near Welshpool. I am thinking of heading over there for a night then looping back towards Church Stretton and Bridge North to get home. The main issue is the out bound leg. I see Sustrans has a a route (81) that goes from Shrewsbury to Welshpool but I am always a little wary of these routes as they are sometime a a bit hit and miss. I enjoy quiet lanes and B roads but don't like riding on cycle paths etc so I was just wondering about the general quality of the route from Shifnal area.



Richard Fairhurst
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Re: 2 night tour route advice Rugeley to Welshpool

Postby Richard Fairhurst » 30 Jun 2012, 9:23am

Reasonable quality cycle paths through Telford but you may choose to find a road instead. Country lanes from there to the outskirts of Shrewsbury. More cycle paths into Shrewsbury, but good ones IMO. Then it's lanes all the way to Welshpool. The climb up the Long Mountain is hard work but worth it when you get to the top.

From there, I'd be tempted to head south from Welshpool towards Montgomery, then cut back across to Church Stretton via Bishop's Castle and Lydbury North (using some of NCN 44).
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Re: 2 night tour route advice Rugeley to Welshpool

Postby RichardPH » 30 Jun 2012, 5:00pm

I live in Shrewsbury...

Must admit I never give the NCN signs more than a passing glance, preferring to find my own way, hence, slightly embarrassed to admit I'm not quite sure of the exact route it takes through my own town :oops: Judged from the words however it looks like the cyclepath you will use starts at Uffington with a gravel surface path alongside the disused canal that you will find quiet for a mile or two until you've been through a housing estate to a stretch of road alongside the river. From here in it's very pretty but there will be a gradual increase in people, kids, dogs, fishermen and yoof clogging up the riverbank path that takes you around the Quarry Park on a wide but busy pedestrianised avenue.

The town is worth a look, but if your dislike of cyclepaths overrides all, then suggest you plot your own course through the lanes to the south, departing the main route at Upton Magna. From there plot a course that goes through Atcham, Allfield, Exfords Green, Longden, Plealey, Pontesbury, Farley, Asterley, Westbury, from where you will be back on NCN81 [I guess!]. I ride this route a lot, it's quiet and not too hilly, if it were me I'd choose this, but then I used to cycle the riverbank path every day to/from work, familiarity and all that.

On the way back I'd second Richard Fairhurst's advice, nice route, take the B-road from Horderley to Marshbrook, it's quiet, then go up through Little Stretton. Not sure why you particularly want to go via Bridgnorth, I'd do the Ironbridge gorge in preference. Avoid the two B-roads along Wenlock Edge, they can be something of racetracks. I'd go to the north end of the Strettons, cut across to Cardington, pausing to sample the excellent beer and food in the Royal Oak, lovely country pub, carrying on to Gretton, Plaish, Hughley, up the Edge to Presthope and on to Much Wenlock. From here go to Ironbridge via Broseley for scenery, or the main road for speed. Any route through the gorge is lovely, the south side will be quieter however, go all the way along to Sutton Wood beyond Coalport selecting low gear for the climb out.

From then on I don't really know the routes that well, so make your own mind up.

HTH, Richard

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Re: 2 night tour route advice Rugeley to Welshpool

Postby Bengdogg » 3 Jul 2012, 6:36pm

Thanks for the replys,

The reason I dont really like cycle paths is more to do with mixed surfaces such as you described. Roads and travelling light I would probably run road slicks. But if I end up on canal paths etc I would have to use my michellin trackers

I have done the Sutton Wood climb from Coalport before. Its a nice little lungbuster