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Bike Bags - Virgin Airlines - Las Vegas McCarran Airport

Posted: 4 Jul 2012, 7:36pm
by AndrewClark
I'll be arriving at Las Vegas for the start of a circular tour in October. I'm hoping I'll be able to bring my bike in a CTC plastic bike bag as shown here ... ic-ctc-bag

I've used similar bags for European flights many times, with only the occasional dent as a result. I've no real concern about getting it on the plane in the UK, as I've always found staff at Manchester airport to be very helpful (for BA flights, are Virgin OK ?)

What is McCarran like for bike handling ? In my experience it's the ground staff rather than the individual airlines who can cause trouble. Are they OK ?

The bike can be a bit too big for some X-ray machines and I've had to have it manually swabbed for explosives a few times!

I've got a backup in the form of S&S couplings and a case, but that means I can't ride away from the airport and also that I need to find somewhere to stash the case for 4 weeks.

All advice welcome.