Touring Peru

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Re: Touring Peru

Postby Cachao » 7 Feb 2013, 2:20pm

Excellent, thanks. I'm going to start combing through the blogs this weekend.

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Re: Touring Peru

Postby crazyferret » 8 Feb 2013, 4:57pm


We are always working on the kit list and because we started with our one from last year it is still fairly undeveloped. We are going to be updating it lots in the near future.

The main things we will be changing are:
New tent - buying this weekend. Our old one is large and quite tired now so its time for a replacement. Getting the Banshee 200.
I am looking into multifuel stoves, looking at the Primus Omnifuel at the moment, thoughts?
The tools we took last year were very good, functional etc. But we didn't pack much based on the assumption that if something went wrong there would be a bike shop so this year i expect we will carry a few more tools.
Again the D lock was from last year for protecting our touring bikes in Europe and for the insurance. This year we will be riding mountain bikes and donating them to the charity we are cycling to so will probably just use cables.

We have been debating just walking boots for a while and it looks like that might be the way we go in the end.
We took the fuel converter to France because it let us use the camping gas canisters that you pierce.
Helmets are a must for us, sorry, if the sun is bad we can improvise a visor.

Our main concerns at the moment are:
Safety - for obvious reasons.
Water - availability, purification and storage, at the moment we have 2 bottles each and will be buying platypuses to increase capacity.
Temperatures - what is it like in the day, will we need lots of layers etc. How cold is it at night, especially at altitude, we need to know if we need new sleeping bags etc.
Altitude - The main thing is the acclimatization, we enjoy climbing but it will be our first time ever above 2200m. What should we expect, how should we deal with the thinner air, any routes that gain altitude slower to allow more time to acclimatize.
Maps and navigation - I have had a bit of a look round but so far the only maps i have been able to find have not been detailed enough. I am going to have another look but are there any you would recommend. How is navigation when you get there, is there any signage, are the roads named or is it quite difficult to know where you are going.

Really appreciate all of your help.

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Re: Touring Peru

Postby rualexander » 8 Feb 2013, 7:06pm

For sun protection with a helmet have a look at ... -visor.cfm
Treating water with chlorine tablets is effective but the taste is terrible even with neutralising tablets. So if you will be drinking a lot, I would use a filter or these days probably a Steripen