B&B in Holland

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B&B in Holland

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Can anybody recommend friendly and comfortable B&Bs in Holland? I'm organising a short tour for a novice cyclist in her mid-seventies and have in mind areas around Delft, Den Haag, Leiden, Gouda.
Please. JJF
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I have stayed at a very good B and B in the small town of Bakkum near to Castricum. This may be a little north of where you wish to be but it is a great area for touring. The facilities offered include en suite, private terrace and garden and a good choice of restaurants nearby. Please let me know if you want further info

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This is a very useful website: http://holland.cyclingaroundtheworld.nl/

This is the organisation that many Dutch people use when they go cycling round their country. http://www.vriendenopdefiets.nl/
And they really recommend this, although apparently some of the families don't speak good English as they are older people with small farms etc. It's certainly worth a try.

Warm Showers is also another very good organisation for free hospitality in return for offering your own house to other cyclists as and when they request a bed. Many of the Dutch Warm Showers people also are part of the couch surfing organisation. I have no experience of this one but I am a member of Warm Showers and have stayed with people in Holland.

Hope this is helpful.

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We used Vreinden op de Fiets - it is excellent - you send 10E for the book and phone to make a booking - we used them for 2 tours and there was only 1 poor B&B and one or two excellent ones - all for the same set price!
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Vreinden op de Fiets

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We did 3 nights with the Vreinden op de Fiets on holiday this year. It is much recommended. You are staying with other cyclists which is great. However you are different from their usual dutch customers, so they will want to talk a lot. We especially liked Irma's at Middleburgh. Scholeksterstraat 23.

Bob Sweet
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I wish I'd known about Vreinden op de Fiets when we toured the Netherlands last year. The hotels and B&Bs there are so expensive! Would definitely go for that option next time round...

We had a lovely time there though, not very exciting cycling but the people there are great - everybody we met was so friendly, chatty, open and willing to help, and also spoke excellent English.
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