Anyone recommend any good books?

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Devon Wilfy
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Re: Anyone recommend any good books?

Postby Devon Wilfy » 10 Sep 2020, 12:44pm

my list of Touring Book

Thunder & Sunshine & Moods of Future Joys ... Alastair Humphreys

the road that has no end & down the road in Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam. & down the road in South America ... Tim & Cindie Travis

Desert Snow ... Helen Lloyd

Miles from Nowhere ... Barbara Savage

Three years in the saddle ... Dave Cobley

Every Inch of the Way ... Tom Bruce

Cycling home from Siberia ... Rob Lilwall

the road headed west ... Leon McCarron

a bicycle journey to the bottom of the Americas ... George J Hawkins

the cyclist who went out in the cold ... Tim Moore

Cycling back to Happiness ... Bernie Friend

Where the pavement ends ... Erika Warmbrunn

Falling uphill ... Scott Stoll

Discovery Road ... Andy Brown & Tim Garratt

how big are the pancakes ... Kathryn Krull

Two wheels on my wagon ... Paul Howard

Eat Sleep Cycle ... Anna Hughes

Ipanema Turtles ... Laura Mottram

the beardless adventures and her inconvenience ... Donna Marie Ashton

Good Vibrations Crossing Europe on a bike called Reggie & Along the Med on a bike called Reggie & Spain to Norway on a bike called Reggie ... Andrew P Sykes

the wind in my wheels & slow coast home ... Josie Dew

why don’t you fly ? ... Christopher J A Smith

A Bike Ride, 12,000 miles around the world ... Anne Mustoe

the full English ... Mike Carden

downhill all the way ... Edward Enfield

Riding with Ghosts ... Gwen Maka

just keep pedalling ... T E Trimbath

Bicycling around the world ... Frosty Wooldridge

Cycling to Xian ... Michael Buckley

the man who cycled the world ... Mark Beaumont