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Richard Fairhurst
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Re: New Route Planner

Postby Richard Fairhurst » 19 Jun 2018, 4:13pm

Where you see a "thou shalt not" like that, it's usually because something has been mistakenly marked in OSM as a private road, a one-way road, a banned turn, or something like that. In this case it's a one-way road - the whole of the slip road (near Tesco Extra) has been marked as one-way, whereas the bit from the T-junction to the start of the cycleway should actually be two-way, at least for bikes. (Often you can find the cause of these things in by dragging the end-point until the problem goes away, at which point you know where the issue is!)

Probably the best tutorial for OSM is just to register an account and start editing: there's a really useful walk-through that shows you how it all works.

JakobW - a PDF for the turn-by-turn instructions is a good idea: I'll give that some thought. - maps, journey-planner, route guides and city guides

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Re: New Route Planner

Postby RickH » 20 Jun 2018, 10:31pm

Richard Fairhurst wrote:Wow - there's something I've never seen before. Someone has added no-right-turn and no-left-turn restrictions from the road to the cyclepath, suggesting that turning onto the path there is actually banned. That seems vanishingly unlikely to me - do you know if it's the case on the ground?

(All of this, of course, is the point of OSM - "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow"!)

Yes I see the problem now, thanks. There are no turn restrictions (either signed or physical) & I have edited the map accordingly. I deleted the turn restrictions there & the same again north of the Ship Canal where there was also a restriction preventing routing back onto the (newly resurfaced) towpath when it reappears. will route off the towpath onto the road but not the other way. Hopefully once the maps are next updated the routing will be correct.

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Re: New Route Planner

Postby SA_SA_SA » 10 Jul 2018, 11:48am

Richard Fairhurst wrote:...JakobW - a PDF for the turn-by-turn instructions is a good idea: I'll give that some thought.

Until then microsoft and linux have print to pdf which is what I do for Turn by Turn.

NB after a real life experiment, I find manually writing Turn by Turn numbers onto the maps very useful. A pity it is hard to do automatically.

NB for some multi map pdfs I discovered some of the maps printed as thin lines rather than copy of screen (pdf maps always used to print as this for me till fixed (or mainly fixed a sit now seems).
The 1st map of a set was always OK.

Thanks for the useful website :).
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