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Road 90 between Beit She`an + Ein Gedi, Israel

Posted: 11 Apr 2014, 7:10pm
by Jonny Deezil
How safe is route 90 to cycle between Beit She`an and Ein Gedi? The masterplan is to cycle all the way from Metula (near Kfar Shmona) all the way down to Eilat along route 90 (470 glorious kms).

The bit between these two places is about 140kms-ish and I dont think I have the stamina + fortitude to power this bit in one day going hell for leather. If it is indeed safe to cycle perhaps any suggested accommodation in between. I know the route from Mitzpe Ramon (route 40) quite well but as of yet havent quite summoned up the bravado of cycling route 90 along the Dead Sea.

Perhaps someone has any experience of whether or not to cycle this route. Otherwise then will have to split it up into two separate rides. Metula - Beit She´an - Afula - Hadera - Tel-Aviv. Then on a separate occasion Tel-Aviv - Sderot - Be´er Sheva - Mitzpe Ramon - Eilat.

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Re: Road 90 between Beit She`an + Ein Gedi, Israel

Posted: 11 Apr 2014, 7:52pm
by chocjohn9
It is quite some time since I visited Israel, but I seem to remember precious few roads in the southern, desert area, so, the ones that there are attract all the traffic, including huge trucks, buses and the like. Not really sure, though, what an alternative would be....
Sorry to possibly disappoint....

Re: Road 90 between Beit She`an + Ein Gedi, Israel

Posted: 11 Apr 2014, 8:45pm
by Mattie
I have done some of this.

The Eilat to Jarusalem stretch was okay up to Ein Gedi. I stayed there and paid to have the bike put in a van from Ein Gedi up the hill to Jerusalem - I saw 45'C that day.

The road from Ein Gedi was narrow and a fence on the right side with not much area to escape. The traffic was not moving slowly either, so I was glad to be in the van.

The Road from Eilat to Ein Gedi was fine not the most interesting but easy enough even in the hot weather - I think it is actually downhill as the Dead Sea is actually below sea level Eilat !

The best parts of my tour were from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv through some of the mountain tracks. Also the best was Ha Basor to Mitzpe Ramon and on to Eilat. Fantastic route the Crater at Mitzpe I did not even know it was there until I saw it !

Some pictures

The back road past the tank training ground,


Between Eilat and Ein Gedi

Approaching junction from Mitzpe to the Eilat Road, overlooking Jordan Valley


Overlooking the crater at Mitzpe Ramon - I had to get out of its way !

The back woods out of Jerusalem heading to Tel-Aviv


I loved it, had a great trip.
Regarding your comment of cycling the bit past the Dead Sea. For me it became a bit of a trap. The day before there had been a thunderstorm nearby and a little rain, which was glorious, the smell of the desert with a little rain. But it was cooler and there was some cloud, so I cycled on to Ein Gedi. The next day it was back to baking hot, but worse because the Dead Sea seemed like a big sun trap. So I had come into it in the cool, and the sun came out again into a furnace that did not relent. So paid for a van ride from Ein Gedi. The road was narrow, twisty, with traffic and in places the crash barrier very close. I have no regrets about travelling that section in a van. I saw the temperature reach 45' C !

I cycled from Ben Gurion - Ashkelon - Sderot - Ein HaBasor - Mitzpe Ramon - Eilat - Ein Gedi Jerusalem - Tel-Aviv

Re: Road 90 between Beit She`an + Ein Gedi, Israel

Posted: 12 Apr 2014, 4:52pm
by Jonny Deezil
Mattie those are excellent pictures, 45 C is kinda hot! I have travelled by car between Beit She´an and Ein Gedi with no hint of trouble but perhaps a bicycle may be considered a easier target.