The more the merrier

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The more the merrier

Postby LondonBikeCommuter » 24 Apr 2014, 3:47pm

I recently did a solo London Paris.

Nobody I know likes cycling more that maybe a few miles and even then only if its billiard table flat.

Have been looking at options for doing something similar with others. Only options appear to be

A) A cycle holiday

B) place a advert for somebody to join me.

C) Charity ride

Just been looking at the cost of cycle holidays and no offence to anyone that offers them but doing a London Paris via a holiday company comes it at around £800. :shock: Never sure who your going to get when you advertise. Charity rides requires you to bother people asking for money who ask things like "Why should I pay for your next holiday?" fair point really!

How do others do it?

Mike Sales
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Re: The more the merrier

Postby Mike Sales » 24 Apr 2014, 3:57pm

He travels the fastest who travels alone.

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Re: The more the merrier

Postby jamesgilbert » 24 Apr 2014, 4:42pm

A club? The CTC?

A few people in Paris recently organised an event for cycle tourists by contacting everyone on WarmShowers - we all met up in a bar for drinks one evening and about 40 people turned up. This could probably be done in any city in the UK fairly successfully.

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