Getting at the KML mapping feature of Google Maps

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Getting at the KML mapping feature of Google Maps

Postby Gearoidmuar » 2 May 2014, 7:41am

KML maps from Google Maps are fantastically useful as a quick way to design a cycling GPX track, but the latest version of Google Maps has hidden this. I was demented from trying to work it out as it had been much simpler.
Having done it, I’ve documented it and that’s what this is for.

Open Google Maps.
Bottom right, click round toothed symbol
Select My Places which will appear.

Under Red Box (Create Map) (upper left) click “Or create with classic My Maps”

Under Title you can give it a name if you like. If you don’t it’ll assign a name to it itself.

Click Get Directions.

You can then Add Destination and drag the results onto other roads on the map.

When finished, you’ll notice a slim scrollbar to the left of the map at the edge of the white panel.

Drag down.

Save to my maps.

Select “Create a New Map” from drop down box.

Click Save.

Now you have the saved map with your title or the self-assigned title.

You’ll notice KML with blue symbol a couple of lines below that.

Click KML.

A KML map is saved to your download box.

Now if you upload this to e.g. or similar, in a minute or so, you can download it as a GPX track which your GPS should be able to use.

This is a much better rough-and-ready method than using GPSies itself, I’ve found.

Now I know this may be answered by people who use Toastbiker or etc., but this is not for you!

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Re: Getting at the KML mapping feature of Google Maps

Postby Splin » 2 May 2014, 8:20am

Bookmarked, Thanks!