Manali to Leh anyone?

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Manali to Leh anyone?

Postby » 20 May 2014, 10:28pm

I have an interest in a lot of outdoor activities, but don't seem to have enough partners to fulfill all the ideas that l have due to there commitments etc.
So is anyone interested in cycling Manali to Leh and having a look at some of the other valleys around that area on a bike?

I'm 42, female, based in the North of the UK, and OK with traveling, but it's more of a laugh with others, so looking for 1-2 people to cycle with, although not mega fit! and a super cyclist, l appear to be OK at cycling along at a steady pace through the day.

Previous tours have included, a trip from Armritsar to Nepal by cycle a long time ago (20yrs), a solo jaunt around Malta, Sicily, and southern Italy. Trip from Turin to Nice, and another from Nice to Sardinia via Corsica. a couple of yrs ago myself and a friend also cycled from Gilgit to the Caspian Sea, via the KKH & central asia.

we had talked about doing this trip, but then she managed to get herself a partner, so they went off into the sunset and did it, so looking for anyone who's interested, as l have wanted to do this trip for a while now? Need to do more research and check on the weather, but possibly August early Sept may be OK, before Autumn arrives.