Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505 mapping...

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Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505 mapping...

Postby RonK » 29 Jun 2014, 8:31am

Has anyone got a Cyclo 505 with UK/Euro mapping? Would you be interested in an exchange of map files?

I plan to zip up the the map file directory on my Australia/New Zealand unit and upload it to Google drive.

I'm guessing that to change maps, all I need to do is back up my Cyclo and replace the map files directory. Be warned though, I'm not yet certain about this, until I get a set of map files to try.

The Cyclo has gone on sale in the US now so I'll be trying to get a copy of North American maps too.
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Re: Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505 mapping...

Postby paulnrswain » 22 Aug 2014, 5:44pm

Hi Ron,

Yes I would be up for that I have all the European maps for a Mio 505


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Re: Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505 mapping...

Postby dwilso32 » 29 Apr 2017, 2:09am

I'm planning to cycle in the UK this 2017 summer and am interested in obtaining UK and European maps for my Australian Cyclo 505. I find the "Surprise Me" feature of the Cyclo useful and don't really want to buy a European/UK Cyclo 505, but am happy to pay for the maps and am hoping someone in the Forum can assist me by:

Advising where I can obtain the maps and, if possible,
How I load them to my Australian Cyclo 505 (I'm not particularly technically minded).

I hope this is not too big an ask and do appreciate any assistance. I would be pleased to assist / provide maps to anyone planning to cycle Australia.

Thanks everyone.

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Re: Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505 mapping...

Postby pip074 » 12 Feb 2018, 4:54pm


I would be really grateful if you could let me know if you managed to switch maps on your Mio 505, as I have a number of trips to Sydney/Melbourne this year and it would be great to use my Mio 505 OOTB.

I've trawled the Net for for whether this is possible and not got very far. EU/UK Mio 505 GPS connects ok when I'm in Aus, and posts to Strava etc., but would be great to use the Nav features rather than rely on local knowledge/Phone Nav.

I have a Mio 505 with UK and European maps. Would exchange for Aus maps or share of 'MIO_SYSTEM/DODGE/Map' or whatever is needed.

Would welcome any advice as I am currently resigned to dumping the device and re-investing in a Garmin just for the external maps thing.

Many thanks.


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Re: Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505 mapping...

Postby mega-cyclo » 14 Apr 2018, 11:16pm


I have the whole map of America on my Clyclo505 and would trade it for the Europe Map and/or Asia.

Thank you

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Re: Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505 mapping...

Postby petrov55 » 15 May 2018, 9:57am


I'm also looking for solution to install EU map on Cyclo 505 from Australia.
May be reinstall the whole system???

Could anybody help me?
Any idea?
Any success in new map installation?


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Re: Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505 mapping...

Postby ecanoca » 15 May 2019, 11:22pm

Hi all,
I can share with you Uk and Ireland maps take from an 505, and also an Italy map from an 310.
Someone have successfully transplanted maps from one Mio to another?
If someone have a new maps (for me) I can try to transplant it in my 505 or 310 model.


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Re: UPDATE: Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505 mapping...

Postby ecanoca » 27 May 2019, 7:17am

I tried to transplant maps from an 315 EU maps to an 505 UK maps, but I'm sorry, don't works.
I've perhaps identified some functionality of Mio Cyclo technology... The OS is fully embedded and what you see through the USB connection is only an inactive repository, the original embedded maps are fully managed from not reachable OS ( I think Windows CE).
Infact when I tried to brutally format the two virtual disk "mio system" and "mio data" nothing is happened!! Automatically Mio have request the PC connection and again automatically have call MioAgent to recover the original structure.
I suppose that the only way to solve this problem is hack the OS trough a script that overcome the protection for hide the fully structure of flash memory.
Anyone have some ideas???

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Re: Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505 mapping...

Postby marioomar » 16 Jul 2019, 6:37pm

It is incredible but the people of Mio do not care anything, I am stranded in Argentina because my cyclo 505 does not have that map and when I do not have it, it does not let me follow a track, I asked them and they told me to return it, which worked like that. That I can not follow a track if I do not have a map, nobody knows any solution.
The people of Magellan are looking for a solution, we will see what happens.

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Re: Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505 mapping...

Postby lyle.cane » 14 Aug 2019, 9:01am


I have brought a Magellan cyclo505 and didnt realise it just had aus and nz maps...
Anyone know how to get a Scotland and England maps

Kind Regards


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Re: Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505 mapping...

Postby upstream » 15 Sep 2019, 1:35pm

Hi all,

I'm in the same boat it seems. I bought a Magellan 505 and have found that it only has maps for Australia and New Zealand. I live in the UK and it doesn't appear that you can even buy UK maps as when I looked at the website the only european map that came up was France.

If anyone happens to have a UK map and knows a way that I can get hold of it, I'd happily pay.


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Re: Mio/Magellan Cyclo 505 mapping...

Postby kuckudukas » 29 Jan 2020, 7:15pm

Hi, can anyone share eastern europe maps? i want to take a crack at it, i need all the files from Mio_system. plz massage me, i can share Wester Europe from 505 if anybodys looking for it. Please respond :) if i will find the cure you will know it first... help.