Shipping the bike by plane

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Re: Shipping the bike by plane

Postby BeeKeeper » 28 Jul 2014, 10:15pm

serbring wrote:Yes it's my helmet. I supposed to use it as front mudguard protection.

At the risk of starting another helmet debate I really don't think you should leave it there. You won't know what impact or stresses it may suffer, especially if the damage is not visible.

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Re: Shipping the bike by plane

Postby simonhill » 29 Jul 2014, 8:41am

I agree, why did you remove the front wheel?

I reckon box it or leave it as much like a bike as possible. Remember that the baggage handlers will not be taking lots of time to put it 'the right way up'. Will it be OK laying on the front wheel? Throw it round your lounge a couple of times and see what you think.

Also agree about safeguarding your helmet. Even dropping a helmet may mean it should be replaced, using it to protect against baggage handler damage seems a bit daft. How would you know if it received a heavy knock.