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Train options for the Loire

Posted: 27 Jul 2014, 4:57pm
by groberts
I am considering a late summer / early autumn Loire tour and, if possible (easy) would like to take the bikes to and from the area by train from my home in Surrey. I can get to Calais, Newhaven and Porstmouth from home easily but given the Loire's location, Portsmouth seems the natural crossing point - my preference being to Ouistreham to catch the train from nearby Caen.

Does anybody have any experience / advice of such a route, obviously the less changes the better? An initial look suggests a non stop train to Tours might be a possibility. Can you take bikes on these trains / what are the arrangements? Any other thoughts most welcome.

Re: Train options for the Loire

Posted: 28 Jul 2014, 1:32pm
by Galloper
As a way of getting about, why not hire a van from Avis in Dieppe and drop it off in Blois. I did this in reverse some years ago and it's a pretty cheap way to move several people and bikes. I would imagine othe ports are equally well served.

Re: Train options for the Loire

Posted: 28 Jul 2014, 2:48pm
by jamesgilbert
On most days there seem to be two Intercit├ęs and one TER train, direct from Caen to Tours. They all accept bikes free of charge.

You can check times on (use the French version as otherwise you don't get the bike symbols showing whether or not bikes are allowed).

Or use - Further search options - Only show connections that allow carriage of bicycles