Bridge out on Lon Las Cmyru at Portmadog - options?

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Bridge out on Lon Las Cmyru at Portmadog - options?

Postby raybo » 29 Jul 2014, 8:24pm

I am planning on riding Lon Las Cmyru from Holyhead down to Chepstow.

I see that an important bridge is out at Penrhyndeudraeth and that it won't be fixed by September, when I'll be riding.

Someone suggested taking route 82 (inland instead of the coast), instead of 8.


Is the bridge still out and are there any other options for crossing?

Is skipping the coastal route from, say, Portmadog to Dolgellau and taking NCN 82 a reasonable option?

Is there a better route to take from Holyhead south given that this bridge is out?
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Re: Bridge out on Lon Las Cmyru at Portmadog - options?

Postby 531colin » 30 Jul 2014, 9:01am

I don't know route 82 (inland)
However, we had an absolutely stunning day between Machynlleth and Porthmadog....its just a few miles of main road to get round the bridge that's down, and when we were there we had traffic lights that made the narrow bit of road one way at a time. day 3

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Re: Bridge out on Lon Las Cmyru at Portmadog - options?

Postby PDQ » 30 Jul 2014, 10:35am

Yes the bridge is still out. It is a fiasco of incompetence and intolerance. But it has all been covered at length elsewhere.

There is a convoy system in place at the most dangerous section which is a great safety benefit to cyclists on account of the narrowness of the road.
The detour still involves cycling on 7 or 8 miles of busy fast main roads though.
However, there is not really any other way to avoid some of these sections whichever way you choose.
Personally I would still use the coastal route as it is stunningly lovely, has more ice cream shops, pubs etc and has less ascent and descent (unless you really follow the Sustrans route into the steep coastal hills behind Harlech, which is a route unsuitable for heavily loaded cycling, IMHO).

The section from Barmouth to Dolgellau on dedicated cycle tack is simply fantastic. If you go inland you will miss it.

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Re: Bridge out on Lon Las Cmyru at Portmadog - options?

Postby Tail End Charlie » 30 Jul 2014, 10:00pm

I agree, go the coastal road, to get back onto it is only a bit more given the bridge is closed. The contra flow system in place is very safe for cyclists. I would also recommend the hills behind Harlech, it was one of the highlights of the trip both times I've done it.

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Re: Bridge out on Lon Las Cmyru at Portmadog - options?

Postby james01 » 31 Jul 2014, 10:04am

I agree, the lost bridge is a tragedy but I'd still stick to the coast route, perhaps timing it to avoid rush-hour.
I also agree the above comment about the hill route above Harlech. The views really are stunning enough to help you forget about the pain in your legs from all that climbing :)

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Re: Bridge out on Lon Las Cmyru at Portmadog - options?

Postby davetb » 5 Aug 2014, 9:38pm

As several people have said, stick to the coast and definitely go up the hills behind Harlech. Or an alternative and easier but safer than the main road is to take the old road up to Harlech, through town and then up steeply the road beside the car park, through the bollards. This road then joins with the original route after a mile. The views are great.
The inland route is also great fun above Trawsfynydd to Dolgellau with two great cafes. One at the new Stiniog site by the old fishing lodge on Trawsfynydd lake and the other at the forestry bike centre purpose built.
Have a great time which ever way you go.
The bridge has been a great pain for us locals, but when its done it will have a proper combined cycle/footpath path and no more tolls :)

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Re: Bridge out on Lon Las Cmyru at Portmadog - options?

Postby gingerwizard » 10 Aug 2014, 10:52am

My wife and I have just completed the Lon Las Cymru route, from Holyhead, and finishing in Chepstow. Before heading out I was concerned about the bridge being closed. We took the diversion, which is on a busier road, but in fairness if you ride with care and make sure you are visible it is perfectly safe. The "convoy" worked very well, we arrived at the back of a long queue, the lights changed and we rode through. One of the guys controlling the traffic lights followed us through in his van, meaning the traffic coming the other way wouldn't be allowed to start until we were through. I thought it worked really well.
Also, I agree with what others have posted, the coastal route, while hilly, is definitely worth it, the views in the hills behind Harlech take your breath away (as do the climbs!). One of my favourite parts of the entire route.

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Re: Bridge out on Lon Las Cmyru at Portmadog - options?

Postby whoof » 18 Aug 2014, 11:45am

Rode this from Chepstow to Holyhead last week. We followed the traffic through in convoy. After the lights we managed to get to the next part on the sustrans 8 route before any cars caught up with us as the lights were in the other direction.

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