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Postby matt2matt2002 » 6 Aug 2014, 5:01pm

I had been thinking of a trans USA tour next year but with all the visa hassle, I am now thinking of Canada.
As a UK passport holder I think I can get in for 6 months with minimal/no problems.

Anyone ever been across, coast to coast?
Or advice on info source?
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Re: Canada

Postby loafer » 6 Aug 2014, 5:08pm

great place for good info

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Re: Canada

Postby simonhill » 6 Aug 2014, 6:21pm

A mate cycled it W to E a few years ago. He said it was the wrong way on the prairies. He cycled against the wind day after day and also reckoned it was uphill. Not sure about the uphill bit, but you should definitely check prevailing winds.

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Re: Canada

Postby Mistik-ka » 6 Aug 2014, 8:31pm

Given that we are discussing weather, nothing is certain but change. The prevailing winds in Canada — notably on the broad, flat prairies where shelter is rarer than hills — are westerlies.

It's sunny here in Saskatchewan right now, with a mild southerly breeze and temperatures in the mid-20's 8). (But you 'd better hurry: there are thunderstorms predicted for later this afternoon :( .)

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Re: Canada

Postby simonhill » 8 Aug 2014, 9:27am

Sorry in my post I said my mate cycled W to E, I saw him last night and he said it was E to W!. Hence the headwinds.

He did it the 'wrong' way because he wanted to go to a music festival and also end up at a friends place in Vancouver.

My point really was to check the wind. This still holds true. I meet many people who cycle a route based on personal criteria, taking no account of the wind. Many regret it.

Sorry for the confusion.

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