Vaude or carradice cape?

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Vaude or carradice cape?

Postby AaronR » 13 Oct 2014, 9:35pm

Yes, I searched and found a couple of cape/poncho threads, but nothing conclusive

I've got a (half) decent jacket but after two years even with using decent detergent and reproofing after washing it is now into the reals of showerproof and not waterproof

So...... has anyone got either the Carradice cape or one of the Vaude capes? planning to use it over the top of my existing jacket for autumn/winter and then keep it on the bike for our other two British rainy seasons

Of all the pictures I've seen only one has shown the cape billowing behind which is my only fear - don't want to end up looking like a superhero riding a bike!

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Re: Vaude or carradice cape?

Postby Sooper8 » 14 Oct 2014, 6:38am

No personal experience of either but Vaude are reduced here, should you decide on one - ... ude+poncho
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Re: Vaude or carradice cape?

Postby AM7 » 15 Oct 2014, 12:52pm

I've got a Carradice Pro-route cape that I use occasionally. It works, in that it keeps you dry without soaking you from condensation on the inside. And it doesn't really billow out because there are loops internally to tie around your waist and wrists which help to keep every thing in place. However, when it's windy, it does act like a sail and you can get blown around a bit. I can imagine that a long ride into a headwind would be no fun at all. It's made out of quite a heavyweight material so it doesn't pack down especially small.

The main reason I don't use mine more often is that when you're wearing it, you can't use handlebar mounted lights, maps, GPS, routesheet etc, as the front of the cape will cover them when you're riding.

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Re: Vaude or carradice cape?

Postby hufty » 15 Oct 2014, 1:27pm

AaronR wrote:... even with using decent detergent and reproofing...

Is that your problem - detergents are often bad news for outdoor gear. Can't help with what you asked though.
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Re: Vaude or carradice cape?

Postby maxcherry » 15 Oct 2014, 1:33pm

I don't have a cape, but I do use a waterproof Gortex jacket.
I never use detergent on it, just 'Grangers 2 in 1 '
It does the job. Had my jacket for four years and it is still waterproof.
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Re: Vaude or carradice cape?

Postby TrevA » 15 Oct 2014, 3:13pm

I have a Carradice Pro-route cape, but I found the waist tape doesn't fit around my 40 inch waist and its a bit too small and restrictrive overall. They only come in one size, so if your on the big side then i wouldn't bother. The more expensive Duxback comes in different sizes so may be worth a try but it's a lot more money - about £80.
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Re: Vaude or carradice cape?

Postby don1 » 15 Oct 2014, 5:41pm

I usually use nikwax for my waterproof stuff. There's also a heavier duty waterproofer you can get which is designed for the likes of tents.

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Re: Vaude or carradice cape?

Postby slowpeddler » 15 Oct 2014, 7:41pm


I use the Carradice cape and swear by it. The thing that never seems to get mentioned is how warm a cape keeps you in cold rain.
I've had mine 10 years now and would never leave home without it. I don't use it much but when it is needed it is always there and always been waterproof.

Point made about handlebar furniture but in practice you want to be dry. I moved my front light lower to get over this problem.



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Re: Vaude or carradice cape?

Postby bigjim » 16 Oct 2014, 10:51am

I've got a £10 cape from Wilkinsons. Kept me perfectly warm and dry in Germany in torrential rain. A very useful item. Use as a groundsheet under tent and somewhere to sit for a brew on wet grass, bike cover etc.

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Re: Vaude or carradice cape?

Postby alicat » 19 Oct 2014, 9:18pm

I keep a cape (sorry don't know what make) in the saddle bag of my shopper bike. It's good to throw on when there is a sudden shower. However despite wrist loops it's a pain to stop it billowing up every time I stop. For that reason I don't use it on my touring bikes.

In your situation I would buy a new jacket, follow the care instructions religiously and accept that the main purpose of a rain jacket is to stop you getting cold not wet.