Mecklenburg Lakes Cycle Route

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Mecklenburg Lakes Cycle Route

Postby gordonyoung » 3 Nov 2014, 10:43pm


Has anyone cycled the above route? I have been reading up on it and it sounds great for next summer but I was wondering how good the path is. There is talk of cobbles and I was wondering if there is much of this. Thanks

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Re: Mecklenburg Lakes Cycle Route

Postby foxyrider » 4 Nov 2014, 2:06pm

I was in that area 2 weeks ago - its great cycling country although facilities can be a bit sparse! Some great places to visit nearby, easy to access via Hamburg or Berlin airports - you might be able to use the Postbus system to get you on station at Schwerin or Rostock, they carry bikes and are cheap! :D

You might get some stretches of cobbles, typically through villages, but the concrete blocks used on some lanes are actually worse to ride on with big gaps and unexpected holes!

It's certainly an area i want to take the bike to. :D
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