Scottish weather has me freaked out!

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Re: Scottish weather has me freaked out!

Postby Jimstar79 » 4 Sep 2015, 10:04am

Hi Robin,

I take it that you'll be off pretty soon then? I think it is going to be considerably colder than when I was there during August so take some extra layers!

I have been so tired and busy since I got back that I have barely had a chance to look at the photos that I took - I am a bit gutted that I broke my camera whilst at Big Sands and had to rely on my camera phone that takes really poor photos. I broke the screen on the phone the morning that I left Fort William, so no pics for the rest of the return leg. I think I might write a short journal of my trip and post it onto Crazy Guy On A Bike and will let you know when I do.

pacalbalan wrote:Jim's absolutely right about keeping warm and dry in the wet. I'd add a good pair of sealskinz (waterproof) gloves to that as well, nothing better than warm dry hands, you can cycle forever like that, good waterproofs and warm hards! ... ves-33648/

Absolutely spot on - Sealskinz gloves are excellent and one of those pieces of kit that you never regret buying! Buffs are also a great bit of kit.

Good luck, Robin, and let us know how things turn out - post a link to a different thread on here.

Happy cycling,
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Re: Scottish weather has me freaked out!

Postby pete75 » 5 Sep 2015, 7:06pm

As someone said " I love the Scottish summer, it's the best day of the year"