Rear lights are driving me mad

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willem jongman
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Re: Rear lights are driving me mad

Postby willem jongman » 2 Sep 2015, 10:43am

If possible, I will always use a generator light as I have found those to be more reliable than the battery type. The ones with a big reflector for fitting on the rear of a rack are my favourites (Dutch law demands such a big reflector anyway). Laternatives (perhaps as ana addition) are lights like the Secula fitted to the mudguard or to the seatstay. B&M also do a neat little wire bracket to fit them to canti posts. If you want something brighter than e.g the Secula, you can use a B&M 339 AS taillight for incandescent bulbs, and fit a Reflectalite led bulb instead. That will be quite a bit brighter, and still benefits from the B&M optics. You will not have a standlight, of course, so maybe this is something for a combination with a light that does have a standlight.

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Re: Rear lights are driving me mad

Postby RichardPH » 2 Sep 2015, 11:52am

I use a Samarium Cobalt magnet [very strong attraction] taped to the rear light hanger on the rack ... et&_sop=15

My lights all have a c.2mm thick steel strip taped to them. The strip needs to be vertical so the light doesn't fall off over large bumps, the magnet is about 25x10mm in area. Since I only ride at night on a bike with a rack this works well and is very easy to detach the light and keep in a pocket for later. It's not only annoying but dangerous when some light fingered tee double-you ay tee nicks the one you've left in place because it's a fiddle to remove it.

The magnet goes on the bike rather than the other way around because it would play havoc with any credit/debit cards that may be in the same pocket as the light...

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Re: Rear lights are driving me mad

Postby Merry_Wanderer » 2 Sep 2015, 1:19pm

I have dynamo lighting and use a B&M Toplight on the rear of my pannier rack which gives a constant light and a Cateye barrel type light mounted on the seapost set on flashing mode. My commute is mainly unlit country lanes

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Re: Rear lights are driving me mad

Postby LollyKat » 2 Sep 2015, 4:48pm

martin113 wrote:Audax67 I like the look of that Cateye LD650 but it looks to me as though it will hit the spokes if you mount it horizontally on the seat stay. Yes? Or no?

I have seen someone mount it in line with the seat stay (it will fit in the bracket either way round). Actually, he had two like this, one on each side, and they were very visible even though they were not vertical but followed the angle of the seat stays.