Registering reiders and affilaite insurance

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Registering reiders and affilaite insurance

Postby Steve999 » 8 Mar 2017, 5:44pm

As a club we run weekend rides for our members and for non members. We do record the non members details. Do we also need to record the names of members riding, and which group they are riding in, or is it enough for our ride leaders to know the people they are riding with?

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Re: Registering reiders and affilaite insurance

Postby gaz » 8 Mar 2017, 8:03pm

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Please note that Cycling UK staff do not monitor these forum boards. For an official reply please refer your query to National Office.

Current Ride Leader Guidance for both Cycling UK Member Groups and Cycling UK Affiliate Groups.

5.1.1 Riders
Although riders are responsible for declaring their own suitability for the advertised activity, Ride Leaders should greet each rider and assess their general health and wellbeing before starting the ride. For insurance and practical purposes, you should ensure you know the names and emergency contact details of everybody on your ride. Ask new riders to fill in a Guest Registration form (Appendix 7) and record other riders on a Signing On Sheet (Appendix 8.)
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