New members refreshing the CUK

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New members refreshing the CUK

Postby DontheMan » 10 Oct 2017, 4:32pm ... ling-group

I note that on new Cycling UK websites has been redesign and reconfigured.

I see local members groups are last in the list.

Does this mean that eventually CUK will be populated totally by Affiliate Groups.

What are consequence, of that. Is it a win win situation with a gradual process of the CUK replacing the old CTC remainers and bringing in new blood that will enliven CUK with new ideas and be more attractive to other potential members.
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Re: New member refreshing CUK

Postby PH » 10 Oct 2017, 5:01pm

I don't know how the numbers compare to the past, but as always it's best to be aware of statistics. The member groups listed are the formal ones, there may be any number of informal groups within them. When the structure of DAs changed my member group changed from a DA with two MGs, to one formal group with two informal. If you looked at the numbers that's a group less, but on the ground very little has changed except there's a lot less admin. Participation in MGs has always been low, I think I've read 15%, which is my local experience. I don't think you can look at the number of MGs and make any conclusions about the membership.
Nor do I know what can be drawn from the number of affiliated clubs, those that I know have no connection with Cycling UK other than having bought the affiliation as it's a good deal.

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Re: New member refreshing CUK

Postby Si » 10 Oct 2017, 5:47pm

Taking the topic off track slightly, or maybe not as the op asked about the consequences of affiliated groups....

At the members day conference on saturday my self and ph were sat on a table that was otherwise populated by members of Affiliate Groups IIRC. It was interesting to look around the room. Every other table was (apart from three people who are also members of AGs) white and predominantly male. Our table was getting on for 3 quarters BME and predominantly female....and im guessing the average age of our table was pretty low compared to the rest of the room.

This, of course, is only one swallow and we shouldnt make generalisations based on such a smzll amount of data, but i know for a fact that in birmingham (where the conference was held) there are a lot more females, BMEs, and younger people in the the AGs than the MG. Likewise, the AGs represented at the conference are also from much poorer areas of the city.