CTC in Hertfordshire

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CTC in Hertfordshire

Postby sir_lozz » 4 Aug 2008, 10:27am

Morning all,

I am currently living up North (so to speak) and having much fun with the North Birmingham CTC. I am currently in the process of moving back down South with work to the Broxbourne/Hoddesdon area and have seen that there are 3 potential CTC groups i could ride with.

Is there anyone about from any of these local groups who can provide a bit more information than the respective websites?

many thanks in advance


Postby fullmasher » 12 Sep 2008, 3:52pm

Sir Lozz,

try www.ctcherts.org.uk

The Stort Valley Section is probably your closest group.

Hope to see you in the near future,


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Location: Hertfordshire

Postby rmw » 25 Sep 2008, 9:52pm

I ride with St Albans Hatfield section (occasionally, family commitments and all that..). You'll see the rides programme on the website, good bunch of folk. Pace is brisk - say about 12mph (I'm guessing, no computer on my bike).

The Veteran-Cycle Club has an active North London Section that goes out from Hoddesdon and surrounding bits of Herts. Not as often as weekly, but again, good company. I've not been on any of the rides (family constraints) so can't give a review of what to expect when awheel.
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Re: CTC in Hertfordshire

Postby StirlingCrispin » 1 May 2009, 11:33am

I probably shouldn't post this, but you could also try Herts Wheelers.

They do a lot of touring-rides in your area and organise Invitation Rides etc.

(I'm a former Herts Wheelers member)