CTC Membership Number

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CTC Membership Number

Postby Mike777 » 11 Oct 2008, 5:40pm

Hi all

I recently joined the CTC but have never been sent a membership number.

Any ideas on how I get it.

Many thanks


Karen Sutton
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membership number

Postby Karen Sutton » 11 Oct 2008, 7:29pm

It is on your Membership card. If you didn't receive one contact Membership Services.

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Re: CTC Membership Number

Postby hugo67 » 29 Jul 2009, 12:19pm

I also joined recently. What is the turnaround for CTC to send out the paperwork to its (new) Members including their new membership Card?

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Re: CTC Membership Number

Postby Boppa » 14 Aug 2009, 10:31pm

Mine only took about a week and the membership number was on the card and on the accompanying letter.