South West London DA - the Cheam and Morden Section

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Simon L6
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South West London DA - the Cheam and Morden Section

Postby Simon L6 » 12 Jan 2007, 6:24pm

As fine a band of men and women as one could hope to meet. Twinkling eyes, sparkling teeth and shimmering wheels. We set off from Victoria Crossroads, North Cheam, on Sunday mornings a little after nine. Our turf is Surrey, West Sussex, bits of Berkshire, Kent and Middlesex, with the occasional jaunt into the Great Wen.

The pace is conversational, and there's a lot of conversation. We cover sixty or so miles, or more in the longer summer days. Every lane is known to members who have been touring round these parts for decades, but, for me, barely a ride goes by without some surprise or sudden revelation of a view hitherto unnoticed. Even now they lead me down roads that I simply did not know existed. The age range is twenties to seventies.

The Cheam and Morden Friday Night Ride to the Coast runs from April to October. It's a little out of the ordinary as far as CTC rides go - the start time is at midnight, and coffee is taken between 2.30 and 3.00 in the morning. There's a surprising turnout, both in the mix of riders and the number. Do this one, and dine out for months afterward!

So - if you're in South London, and you want to see something of the countryside, in company, then give us a go. Our dress sense is indeterminate and our bikes vary from vintage to bang up-to-date. We don't even insist on mudguards.

And here's our web thingy -

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SW London DA Website

Postby ReedWarbler » 19 Feb 2007, 12:49pm

The website does indeed currently reside at:

However to be sure of always finding the site look for us at: