Does Lincolnshire Exist?

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Does Lincolnshire Exist?

Postby Jac » 8 Feb 2007, 12:23pm

Have been waiting for some signs of activity locally -
is there anybody in Lincolnshire?

Terry T

Postby Terry T » 8 Feb 2007, 12:29pm

I hope so, one of my friends lives there :!:

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Postby Jac » 8 Feb 2007, 1:12pm

Are they in the Lincs DA? (if there is one)
or just 'live in Lincolnshire'

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Postby hubgearfreak » 8 Feb 2007, 4:54pm

Jac wrote:Are they in the Lincs DA? (if there is one)
or just 'live in Lincolnshire'

yes, we go from lincoln railway station every other sunday. this coming sunday is a riding week

9am start. you're welcome to join in, just turn up. member or not :D

if you want, i can email you a list of all dates & distances


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Postby wrangler_rover » 18 Sep 2007, 10:01pm

Could you please give me a list of Sunday rides from Lincoln Station.

I would like to occasionally ride a bit further than my daily commute.

I live a few miles north of Lincoln.

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Postby Yorkshireman » 20 Sep 2007, 10:07am

How about this?
9th Short Ride Barn Café Washingborough 10 Miles 9am Start

23rd. Medium ride Newark 40 Miles 9am start

7th Medium Ride Navenby Teashop 35 Miles Start at 9am

14th Lincs. CTC AGM Short Ride White Harrt Nettleham 15 Miles Start at 9am

28th Medium Ride Rand Farm Wragby 30 Miles Start at 9am

11th Short Ride Branston Garden Centre 10 Miles Start at 9am

18th. Short Ride Scothern Garden Centre 15 Miles Start at 9am

9th. Short Ride Cherry Tree Café 10 Miles Start at 9am.

16th. Mince Pie Run Short Ride 10 Miles Barn Café

30th Reliability Test 20 Miles in 2 hrs. 9am

As well as the above dates we also run non-club rides Weather and work permitting."
Copied from :- ... geID=34496
via :- ... geID=78780
Hope this helps :wink:
Colin N.
Lincolnshire is mostly flat ... but the wind is mostly in your face!



Postby Jay » 22 Sep 2007, 9:12pm

I ride out with the Gainsborough CTC and I have also been out with the Lincoln CTC. They are a great bunch of people but lacking in females I'm affaid.
Do any girls want to come and join me? I go out every Sunday with one of the groups.

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North Lincolnshire .Grimsby Louth Section..

Postby V4281051 » 14 Oct 2007, 6:36pm

The Grimsby Louth section rides out from Louth Marker Place every Sunday at 9.30..They have a good number of members who always turn out..The area they ride in is far from flat.The Lincolnshire is excellent for cycling in ..being one of the most traffic free area in England.
The runs list can be found at.. ... geID=16790