Stuck in the middle

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Stuck in the middle

Postby canardly » 21 Dec 2010, 8:42pm

As a member stuck in a geo position just far away enough from several local DA groups to make it difficult to tag along for a week end ride. How easy/difficult is it to form a local group/sub group?

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Re: Stuck in the middle

Postby gaz » 23 Dec 2010, 8:54am

You'll find guidance and policy on starting a member group here.

Some years past the CTC changed it's structure from having DA's and Sections to formal "Member Groups" and informal groups. Some larger sections opted for formal "Member Group" status nominating their former DA as their main "Member Group". New "Member Groups" have also started without allegiance to a DA. Inveitablty the terminology has all got a bit confused. Sub-group could mean either a formal "Member Group" or informal group type of Section.

AFAIK the document is referring to the process for formal "Member Groups" and setting up a new informal group should be simpler, approach the DA covering your geo position for support.

Also have a look at this thread, which gives some good practical pointers.

Good Luck.
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Re: Stuck in the middle

Postby NUKe » 23 Dec 2010, 9:40am

A few things you could do,
1. Ask the other local DA to post your details to other memebers in their area. they will have list of local People
2. Post here and see if there are other local
3. quiz local cyclists when you out and about.

Good luck with this.
In suffolk we have a similar problem, our group is centred on Ipswich. I know the club on several occasions has tried to get things going inthe North and the west of the county. But the problem seems to be getting people to lead in these areas

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Re: Stuck in the middle

Postby meic » 23 Dec 2010, 11:43am

I imagine it would not be hard at all to do the paperwork etc.

In my case the big difficulty was finding riders. So I didnt do anything about forming a club nor have the people who came along after and now even if somebody else was to set up a Carmarthen group would I really want to stop riding with my friends in Swansea and Pembroke?

Remember there is an enormous difference between the number of people who when asked "would like a club here" and the number than turn up on your first club ride.
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Re: Stuck in the middle

Postby Karen Sutton » 10 Jan 2011, 7:01pm

Hi canardly,
I see from your other thread that you are in Winsford. I am involved with South Manchester CTC, who are possibly your nearest group. The next nearest group could be West Manchester CTC, (based in Lymm). They are a sub group of Manchester and District CTC.

The DA who used to cover your area folded (South Cheshire/North Staffordshire if I remember correctly). South Manchester CTC covers a good chunk of Cheshire, as far South as Holmes Chapel, East as far as Macclesfield and West as far as Northwich. But those postcodes covered be the defunct DA have not been re-allocated to any Group.

We do have one member who lives in Holmes Chapel. He tends to meet us at our first cafe stop, which is usually out in Cheshire. He then rides with us to lunch, continues for part of the afternoon then leaves us at a convenient point in late afternoon. He has actually recently registered as a ride leader for us. Someone else will lead his ride for the first leg then he will continue for the rest of the ride.

As we are probably your nearest Member Group I'm sure we could help with information on setting up a group in your area. gaz talks of the changes made to Group policy and rules to make it easier to set up groups. When this happened South Manchester CTC went through a lot of administrative change to become a full Member Group, rather than a Section (sub group) as we were before. So we are very au fait with the rules and so on. PM me if you would like to know more.

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Re: Stuck in the middle

Postby h0bol0bo » 11 Jan 2011, 9:11pm

Hi canardly,
The advice you have so far received refers to the setting up of a CTC Member Group. CTC Member Groups have to meet a number of specific requirements i.e must have a chair, secretary, and treasurer as a minimum. In addition there are formal accounting and reporting procedures (to N.O) which need to be followed. Of course all members would also need to be full or reduced Rate CTC members.
An alternative is to set up an Affiliated Club. Affiliated clubs are not subject to CTC Member Group Policy and hence can be set up with their own rules of membership. All you need is a few people who wish to ride with a group ,one of whom acts as secretary. The recruitment is purely a local publicity exercise. e.g Local newspaper ad.
You then apply to CTC to become an Affiliated Club which costs a small group (up to 250members) a one off £25 admin fee and thereafter £50 p.a. With that you get organisers liability insurance for you registered volunteers.
Your members can then each pay £12 p.a to become Affiliated Members of CTC and they get additional benefits including CTC third party insurance for all of their rides. They do not receive all of the benefits that accrue to CTC Full or Reduced Rate Members but nevertheless CTC advertise this arrangement as" high value low cost benefits."
I am aware of a couple of new clubs in my area who have set up in this fashion. If you search for "Stourbridge Bicyle User Goup" on this forum there is some discussion (albeit a few years old) on setting up such a group.
I have recently learned that as affiliated members you will also enjoy the benefit of the right to ride with CTC Member Group rides. This latter issue is the subject of my recent post "Right to Ride" under this Member Group section.
There is quite a bit of stuff on the CTC website regarding Affliated Membership.