Adopter(s) wanted

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Adopter(s) wanted

Postby Punk_shore » 22 Mar 2007, 10:25am

:idea: My name is Peter and I write on behalf of the Bicycle Recycling Project in Surrey.

We are well-meaning and have given talks, run a Dr Bike check and recycled the occasional bike. Whilst helpful advice has so far dissuaded us from re-inventing the wheel, we have had a go at the steering.

On the mutual cusps of Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex, we are geographically removed from mainstream CTC activity. The purpose of this message is therefore to ask if any DA or section would like to adopt us?

Age, ability or musical tastes are no barrier to participating in our activities.
Please send message via my profile if this offer is of interest to your group.
May your ride be flat and your tyres not so.
What is the colour(s) of your cycle?
Which of its benefits would you recommend?
Please lookup the Bicycle Renewal Programme, linked to the website button beneath "Santa's Little Helper" cartoon.