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CTC North Birmingham

Postby JavA » 11 Nov 2012, 11:42am

A question for CTC North Birmingham. With winter weather here, does CTC North Birmingham have mechanism to notify people if a ride is called off due to weather?

I'm in particular interested in the Saturday rides, did a few rides with the B and A groups back in September whilst training for a sportive. Then turned by attention to do a half marathon, so I actually have not been on a Saturday ride for a while.

Btw I'm happy to ride whatever the weather.

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Re: CTC North Birmingham

Postby robgul » 11 Nov 2012, 9:24pm

Si will be the man to answer your question ...

... but to show an example that works with CTC Heart of England (that's Birmingham DA's Southern Wheelers in old money!) .... at www.ctc-heartofengland.org.uk we have an area at the top of the home page for ride updates ... the Ride Captains can access the website (with an ID & PW) and, using a simple input form that has a drop down for each ride group, make update announcements - as you will see it's "before 0800 on the day" and people then check if in doubt on the day.

The other thing on the website that works very efficiently is the Events Calendar - all the upcoming events are listed in a simple format - you can print the lists if you want ... and (if Ride Captains advise the webmaster ... me) it's always up to date, and dynamic in that it archives off the events at the end of the day they are on.

It all works!


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Re: CTC North Birmingham

Postby Si » 13 Nov 2012, 2:27pm

Some how managed to miss this one so apologies for late answer.

Generally if the weather is too bad for a ride to go ahead an email will be sent out to everyone (assuming that you've let the committee have your email address) and an entry will be made on the facebook page (for the Sat faster rides at least), saying that the ride is off. Also the ride leader sometimes turns up at the start anyway to tell people it is off if anyone should turn up.