Havering CTC, Essex - Group Jersey & Rides for Spring

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Havering CTC, Essex - Group Jersey & Rides for Spring

Postby mtbsteve » 28 Mar 2013, 1:56am

We have got an interesting and varied ride programme coming up - Why not Join us?

We are producing our own jersey - this is the design and will be taking orders soon
There will be long sleeve and jackets as well ...read on


We will be ordering sample size jerseys on 4th April 2013.
We will have samples for people to try on during the week in Upminster and on a Sunday club ride.
We will only have the samples for a week, likely the 2nd week in April. We will then be taking orders.
If you are interested email Club Secretary Stephen and I will let you know as soon as we have samples or are taking orders. ctchavering at gmail.com

Full info on whats available at our website (download PDF)

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31st Mar Pub Lunch in Writtle near Chelmsford
Ride to the small Essex village which has a duck pond like every village should

7th Apr All-comers ride

14th Apr Leigh-on-Sea 40m - Lunch by the sea in this fishing port just outside South-End-On-Sea
We have had the maps out and have workde out a cycle freindly way to the Seaside. To get there we will be taking on Old Church Hill - pretty much everybody will be walking at the end - but how far up will you get? If you don't like hills its not far to walk.

21st April Historic North Weald Railway Station for 11`s. Hatfield Broadoak for Lunch.
We will be riding to 11's for a break in the cafe at the Epping Ongar heritage railway, where we can look on at the steam trains coming and going in the restored station as we have our break. After that we are off to a pub lunch in the old village of Hatfield Broadoak. Epping Ongar Railway website http://www.eorailway.co.uk

28th April Witham 100,150, 200km. CTC Tourist Competition.
Ride to Witham on 27th with overnight Stay TBC.
This event comprises of three rides organised under Audax rules. The Cycle Club Sudbury organises the Witham Wander
(100km), the Witham 150 (160km) and the Witham Westerley (200km), all starting from Witham Mortimer.
Starting from: Post Office Road, Woodham Mortimer, Essex CM9 6SX
Start times:
8:00 - 200 km - Witham Westerley
8:30 - 160 km - Witham 150
9:00 - 100 km - Witham Wander
Full Info at Essex CTC Site
Please make sure you allow enough time for registration.

5th May All-comers ride

12th May Dot Sharp Memorial Ride 80km
CTC Tourist Competition, 9.30 am Start meet at Mountnessing
Starting from: St John's Church, Mountnessing, Essex CM15 0TJ
Start time: 9:30 - Time allowed: 5 hours
Full info at Essex CTC site http://www.essexcycling.co.uk/events/ctc_witham/witham_cover4web.htm
Please make sure you allow enough time for registration.

19th May Papermill Lock with SEG CTC
Meet as usual and ride to Meet SE Essex CTC at 11's then onto lunch by the Canal near Chelmsford

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All-comer Rides - 1st Sunday each month
Rides geared more to new riders. To introduce less experienced cyclists
to our group we will ride shorter distances. Rides ranging from 15 to 45 miles, with a break half way.
Regular members will be able to carry on for the full day as normal.