East Sussex

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East Sussex

Postby Squeezebox » 20 Aug 2013, 8:49pm

Hi !

Anyone on here active in the East Sussex CTC rides or activities?

Im often out on the Wednesday Midweek runs....hello....anyone else out there ?

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Re: East Sussex

Postby hondated » 27 Sep 2013, 3:33pm

SB it may help if I now respond as clearly are in the minority on here.

The fact that we have now become friends and riding colleagues proves once again why this is such a great forum to belong to.

I did not know what to expect when we met up with others this week to go out on a mid week ride but I need not have worried because all I did meet were both welcoming and friendly people.I suppose I should not have expected anything else actually because as we know on here although we can disagree on here at times with others views it always seems to remain civilised with few angry words flying through the ether.

It also finally prompted me to actually become a member even though that I could have free loaded for several more ride outs before I did that.

I do not doubt that for what it has cost me just being able to go out with like minded cyclist will be well worth the money.

So to anyone considering joining please do so as your money will be well spent.

See you soon SB and hopefully by then I will be feeling a little fitter. Ted

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Re: East Sussex

Postby Squeezebox » 27 Sep 2013, 5:51pm

Hello Honda Ted :D

Yes, indeed !

You turned out to be who you said you were... I hadn't thought much about it and didn't doubt it, but my wife was begining to question me arranging to meet some stranger along a track early in the morning! Are you CRB checked :lol:

Really good to meet you too and glad you enjoyed the day, but the credit is, of course, to the ride leaders and the local CTC East Sussex organisers and committe members. They do a splendid runs list and keep a great section going. Well worth the membership in my estimation too. I feel I get great value from national CTC anyway (but don't tell them that else they will let it go to their heads and want to start changing things) and to have such a fantastic local section right on my doorstep is amazing.

I have been a member of CTC for ages, but only gone out with the East Sussex Midweek group for the last few weeks myself and wonder why it took me this long to sort my week out to do it. I too have found them a great group and quickly realised the years of experience of local and international riding that is in that group. Also a resource of technical advice. They can have up to sixty riders out (as indeed they did on my first ride) and regularly have four or five "sub"groups on a Wednesday. I also have found them very friendly and a great mixture of all sorts of people and feel especially lucky to meet a few "on the bridge" for a gentle ride in to the elevenses cup of tea.

I was mainly pleased to find that it wasn't competative and the different groups on a Wednesday cater for all fitness levels. To be honest I swap between the Moderates and the Tourist groups depending on how I personally feel that day, and also on which of my bikes I am on.

Really good though to meet you and admire your bike too! I understand that your grandchildren aren't interested in your road bikes and have said you can pass them on to me :lol: :lol: :lol: ....I've just room for another bike somewhere.

Just find it odd that with so many folk in East Sussex, that we seem to be the only ones to admit it on here!!......are there really no other East Sussex locals on this forum ?

Nice one Ted. See ya on Wednesday :wink: