Leading the CTC way

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Re: Leading the CTC way

Postby gaz » 21 Jun 2014, 8:54am

The current National guidelines on riding in a group clearly state "Abide by the Highway and Countryside Codes": http://www.ctc.org.uk/sites/default/fil ... y-2013.pdf

Do you feel that local group policies should ignore the National guidelines?

I'll leave it at that before this becomes a [polystyrene hat removed] thread :wink: .
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Re: Leading the CTC way

Postby ianmac55 » 7 Aug 2014, 10:47am

Thank you to CJ and all the contributors to this thread. Our local committee, CTC Northampton, is grappling with this very issue at the moment. We'll be discussing a draft set of local guidelines at our committee meeting next week.