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"Spirited" riding

Posted: 4 Jul 2014, 12:22am
by hazychris
Quick question to see how other member groups feel about this....

On regular evening rides with our "athletic" group, we often have one or two sections of the ride where, when safe to do so, a portion of the group might become quite "spirited", with the blessing and encouragement of the ride leader, who may or may not partake. These are definitely not "races" and there is no "winner" other than everyone who increases their fitness. The wider ride is OK with them too, as they are of limited duration (a hill or known stretch) and the group coalesces again at the regular points - the sections are never more than a couple of km, so the ride in reality is only spread over a minute or two on the road.

Do other groups condone, encourage or forbid such practise? What is the wider opinion? How does this tally with insurance and national policy?

Thanks for sharing,

Re: "Spirited" riding

Posted: 4 Jul 2014, 8:08am
by Si
I think that the pertinent phrases are: "when safe to do so" and "definitely not "races"", thus I don't see anything wrong with going a bit faster than normal as long as all riding is safe and conforms to the HC, etc. My group always tends to double in speed and fragment just before the cafe.

Re: "Spirited" riding

Posted: 4 Jul 2014, 11:17am
by gaz