Riders in South Herts

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Phil W

Riders in South Herts

Postby Phil W » 23 Nov 2007, 9:04pm

I collect statements from users of paths that are not on the Council's definitive map in order to be able to make applications to record paths (usually at bridleway or restricted byway status).

I'm currently collecting statements from cyclists who use the bridge over the M1 motorway from Hilfield Lane South to the A41 and Hilfield Lane. If anyone cycles this, please let me know as I need a few more users to be certain of success.

I'm also collecting user statements for the path from Delta Gain under the railway bridge to Carpenders Park, in Watford Rural parish, and another from this path northwards parallel to the railway to the green. If either of these rings a bell, please let me know.

Recording paths n the definitive map means that the path carries more protection against encroachment than an unrecorded path.