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St Helens & Warrington CTC

Posted: 5 Aug 2015, 2:00pm
by Barry The Cyclist
Interested to see about the formation of a new member group in the St Helens & Warrington area in the latest cycle magazine see they are having a meeting on the 23rd September at the Pied Bull Hotel, in Newton Le Willows WA12 9SH. Cant see much on the internet about contact information, Guessing this is a split from Merseyside CTC.

This area has been in need of this for a long time they only clubs in my area is Runcorn Cycle Club started only a few years ago and north Cheshire Clarion. Despite living in Cheshire - Chester North Wales CTC doe not cover my area which is a great shame and wish they did.

I will look forward to becoming active in the section and helping in its formation, see them at the Pied Bull.

Re: St Helens & Warrington CTC

Posted: 14 Aug 2015, 4:15pm
by Barry The Cyclist
Dear St Helens and Warrington rider

This e mail is being sent to all members of St Helens and Warrington section of Merseyside CTC to ask for your views about the future of the Club.

You may be aware that over the past several months, and for longer than that, a number of members have felt a growing discontent with the way that Merseyside CTC has been run, and while there have been a number of specific issues about which there has been disagreement, there has been a general feeling of disillusionment about our inclusion, or lack of it, in the Club.

This has now reached a point where a number of members have expressed the view that St Helens and Warrington section should now formally separate off from Merseyside CTC and form our own CTC or Member Group, which would be known as St Helens and Warrington CTC. This would incorporate all the Warrington postcode area, thus including areas which are currently excluded from the Merseyside CTC area, such as Frodsham, central Warrington, Orford, Padgate and Culcheth. Members who live outside the Warrington postcode area, but who ride with us, will equally be entitled to be members of the new CTC.

The purpose behind such a move would be to have a CTC which better represents our local interests and which can promote and develop all our cycling activities without having a dependence on a CTC which is based on Liverpool and which many members feel has little in common with our section.

We have in the region of 50 active members, so certainly in terms of numbers we have sufficient to form a viable CTC, well able to provide a full programme of day rides, hostel weekends and other activities and events.

We now need to ask the membership for their views as to what should happen. Basically the alternatives are two: we either remain as we are, a section which comes under the auspices of Merseyside CTC, or we form a separate CTC.

We are at the point where a Formation meeting has now been arranged to which all interested parties are invited. This will take place at 6.30 on Wed 23 September, at The Pied Bull hotel, High St, Newton le Willows, as stated in Cycle magazine. Should that meeting resolve to form a new Member Group CTC, that will go to CTC Council for approval.

This is your opportunity to express your views about the future of the club.

Paul Riley and Denis Holder

Re: St Helens & Warrington CTC

Posted: 14 Aug 2015, 7:44pm
by robgul
I would venture to suggest that an alternative option is to form a new cycling club that is Affiliated to CTC (i.e. not a formal Member Group) - the benefits are discussed elsewhere in this section of the Forum, with a general view that this direction stands a better chance of developing and sustaining a cycling organisation - perhaps supported by the number of existing Member Groups that have gone, or are, going down the Affiliated club route.