Catford LBS

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Catford LBS

Postby carlislemike » 25 Aug 2018, 7:27pm

I went to a LBS, in Catford, for a bar bag and some other bits. Only staff in sight was relaxing in front of the computer and asked cursorily what I wanted. Begrudgingly mentioned the range but beyond that, I could have been a cold caller. Left with my budget of £100+ intact. More help round the corner In Halfords. Very friendly staff even if busy. Outwith the LBS, there are 4 Council erected bike racks; 2 of which were blocked off by Compton’s own wheelie bin. No further comment.
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Comptons Cycle rack provisions

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Re: Catford LBS

Postby Sweep » 11 Jan 2019, 6:30pm

Came across this and felt I should reply.

Chris Comptons cycles in Catford.

Now run by Jim I think. Though I have always been terrible with names.

Maybe you or whoever you encountered were having a bad day - perhaps you expected more active selling.

My take.

Have bought various bits over the years there.

Jim built me (think he built them - if not he did a good job of delegating) a pair of wheels using the XT hubs from a wheelset I had worn out - couldn't have been more helpful. Wheels have been trouble free.

I bought a Dahon Speed Pro which the distributors provided through Comptons - while it is true that they could have given it a closer look over before handing it over, Jim was exteremely helpful with lots of issues which arose with the thing. Anyone who knows anything about Dahons of old (maybe they have improved) knows that they could be a pig to deal with and were bleedin awful at supplying spare parts to their retailers. Despite my massive frustrations as an end user I felt more sorry for the retailers. Jim did a great job in very trying circumstances and I think supplied a bundle of free spokes.

The last time I was in may have been to talk about a 26 inch wheel expedition bike - on me discovering that Surly had inexplicably taken the Long Haul Trucker to 10 speed, Jim was extremely helpful in working through a quote building up a bike from the frame.

I still feel a bit guilty about not going ahead with that but just afterwards bretonbikes on here raved about the Ridgeback Expedition and that was so miuch easier as it was 9 speed to start with, very close to what I needed, my favourite colour, and I was personally never very keen on the LHT's fairly level top tube.
I don't know if Comptons still do Long Haul Truckers but for anyone considering one, particularly a custom build, I would strongly recommend them getting in touch with Comptons to ask. And asking for Jim.