Planet X reviews

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Planet X reviews

Post by joeegg »

I tried to put a review on Planet X about some bib 3/4 and gave them only 1 star because of manufacturing problems.
My review wasn't published so I put it on Trustpilot.
Planet X replied saying they were having ongoing problems with their systems. My review of the same item but giving it 4 stars was published though !
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Re: Planet X reviews

Post by Tiberius »

How very

I tried to leave a review of a place that we had stayed (we didn't actually stay as it was so bad) There was no swearing or calling names etc just a review of some very poor accommodation. No way would they accept or publish my review. No matter what I wrote I kept getting 'Doesn't comply with our guidlines'

That was three years ago and I havent used them since.
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Re: Planet X reviews

Post by rotavator »

Planet X reviews are a joke so they are not worth reading and I guess most are written by their staff.
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Re: Planet X reviews

Post by ClappedOut »

I’ve come to the conclusion trustpilot reviews are bought or some dodgy companies report low reviews to get them out of circulation.

I had a bad set of tyres that disintegrated in 10 months and after a bit of trying to get out of the manufacturer warranty which stated 24 months with offer of pictures, video of the tyres- they did come good.

Bikester far worse as sent items in a fantastic box and no packaging to protect- smashed through unopened packet and tried to partially refund me when all I wanted was it sent back and a replacement.
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Re: Planet X reviews

Post by Bonzo Banana »

Planet X are a lowish margin box shifter. I've had some great deals from them and its sent quickly but any issues and they can be painful to deal with. I've had tyres and tubes pulled from bikes I think based on their condition but they were sold to me as new but clearly pulled from a bike that perhaps they wanted to fit different parts to for retail. I think most retailers would have stated something that indicates damaged packaging or lack of packaging etc not just sell them as new with customers expecting a pristine product. I have to say when I bought some tyres and the inner tubes were still in them I was actually quite pleased though, an unexpected bonus.

I definitely think Planet X are great value and worth a few issues. Many of their jobsworth items are generic items from China so you can easily find the same products under different brands like 'oxford' and see reviews of those products.

Saying that I have never bought a bike from them and such a complicated item I could see presenting many issues.
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Re: Planet X reviews

Post by Redvee »

Had two frames from them in the past and numerous parts but have made my last purchase with them since they said the delivery address details I've been using for the last 18 months was incorrect and they produced a screenshot of the delivery address they said was wrong, nothing to do with their courier misreading the label.
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Re: Planet X reviews

Post by rogerzilla »

My experience also. I don't believe they publish negative reviews.
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