Caratti Deep Winter Gloves

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Caratti Deep Winter Gloves

Postby GrumpyDidcot » 21 Nov 2015, 6:55pm

Finally, we've got the weather first thing in the morning for me to find out how good these gloves really are.
Available here. ... ter-gloves
Review here. ... ter-gloves


Hot hands after 45 mins with below 5 deg air temp - factor in the wind chill, and these are great gloves.
I've not been out in the wet yet so can't comment on the water resistant properties.
Comfy, no excess finger length, inner layer stays there when taking them off.
A gripe I've got, when pulling them on, the wrist cuff doesn't look up to the job for long - you find yourself reaching inside the glove to avoid ripping.
Mind you, I read the review about the bulk of the gloves and chose a medium instead of large. the medium fit great, the larger would be easier to get on.
I had looked at Ski and snowboard gloves because of my cold hands this time of year. I'm glad I chose these.
I agree with the very, very slight confusion with STI levers - it does mean a tiny thought.

Good padding and grip - I wish I had these last year.