Carradice Upso Messenger bag

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Carradice Upso Messenger bag

Postby tyreon » 1 Dec 2015, 8:51pm

Just bought the new Carradice Upso messenger bag. It's made of ex-used tarpaulins(or the like!). The strap is from used car belts. Comes in a variety of colours/combinations. 1 large pocket(for scarves,jacket,gloves etc)another for wot-nots,and one other compartment for your wallet or purse. I think it's light for the material it uses. It must be waterproof. Just the right size for me. Adjustable straps. Ordered it by telephone hoping to hear a friendly Lancashire accent(as I have done in the past). Instead got a friendly Polish(?)lady. Bag ordered,came next day.

Carradice(or Upso)now do a range of pannier bags,shopping bags and the like. They look Spittalfields/Brcik Lane 'cool'. I am an old age codge,but am hoping to drop a few years by carrying the bag! Some hopes!

In closing,there is a German competitor that sells a very similar range of bags,but when I see them(and I have seen them!)they are x3 times Carradice/Uspso's price. And Carradice carry the heritage...well,in my opinion!

Still luvin' 'em after all these years :)