leg rainwear

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leg rainwear

Postby tyreon » 30 Dec 2015, 4:09pm

But recently I read on advice wanted from cyclist on rainwear. (Apologies for the back to front 18th century lingo) Recently my wife and I went to Rohan for their sale. In shop overheard salesman and customer discussing (waterproof) overtrousers. Nowadays it seems less walkers want them,or require them;Rohan seem to supply ready to wear trousers that are waterproof/water-resistant.

This might be of interest to (some) cyclists. I do buy Rohan stuff: extraordinary life to it,and it does work. Yeh,a tad expensive(depending upon variabilities),but I guess no need for the inconvenient overtrouser(and sweat induced cycling). With a cycling underpant and rolling up your trouser leg you could have 3/4 breeches,rolled down walking/cycling trouser and look 'normal'.

I guess they would not be waterproof in steady,heavy 8 hour drenching rain. But for 4 - 5hrs...yes? Certainly good for a longish commute over over-trousers. I'm presently urban cycling in 1 hr drenching rain M+S cords. These are advertised as water-resistant blahblah. Come home,tad damp,dry in 5 minutes. Not TdF look,but casual non-specific cycling attire: 4/5.