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bob simpson
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Postby bob simpson » 11 May 2016, 8:07pm

I recently had a clickstand for sale . This was because I bought a new Nomad frame and the clickstand was too small. As it did not selling contacted Tom at clickstand to as if an additional section could be fitted to make it fit.
Tom was away on holiday but asked me to send the new measurements and he would deal with it when he returned.
I have just returned from a cycling tour of the Drau river in Austria to find Tom had sent all the parts to make my clickstand fit my new frame, FOC.
What fantastic service from a one man outfit. I would recommend his products to anyone.


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Heltor Chasca
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Re: Clickstand

Postby Heltor Chasca » 11 May 2016, 9:12pm

+1 I have one for my Surly DT as a normal stand can crimp the stays (their advice). It's a great little gadget. Well worth the similar price to normal stands...b