Minibus & Bike trailer

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Minibus & Bike trailer

Postby PH » 28 May 2016, 10:03pm

A group of 14 used BSpoke Cycling's minibus and trailer service for a trip from Derby to Holyhead last week (15th May). We were collected at the agreed time in Derby, loading took around half an hour, the trailer is racked out and plenty of care was taken loading, with no need to do anything to the bikes. Minibus was comfortable, music if you wanted it, stops on request, we arrived around lunchtime and unloaded at the transport cafe, unloading was around 15 minutes. All pretty uneventful really, which is just what you want. Price was comparable to travelling by train, except of course it isn't possible to get 14 people and bikes to Holyhead in the same day, let alone in time for a few hours riding. Booking was straightforward and simple, they were helpful throughout.
We only used them for one way transport, they also offer complete packages. They're based in Loughborough so very handy for us based in the East Midlands, though I'm sure they'll cover a wide area, we'll use them again. Minibus holds 16 passengers, trailer holds up to 25 bikes, packing is quite flexible so I expect tandems, recumbents and trikes can be accommodated.

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Re: Minibus & Bike trailer

Postby 531colin » 29 May 2016, 5:34am

Similar plug for these people....
Used them once for a day trip, booked them for a short tour, other stuff in the pipeline.
New venture for them, its a family firm where everybody knows each other.