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Belhaven Bikes

Postby mick spittle » 13 Jun 2016, 4:07pm

On the 9th of June I had a cycling experience that I think I should share with the cycling fraternity.
Having ridden the Coast and Castles route from Newcastle, I was nearing Dunbar when my 9 speed shifter decided that it wished to take no further part. So there I was, legs spinning like bees wings and doing about 5mph. My initial reaction was that the fault had been caused by invisible fall out from the nearby Torness nuclear power station combined with the visible fall out from the adjacent cement works. Once I had dismissed these strange notions I got directions to the only bike shop in the area, Belhaven Bikes. Red faced and sweating like a horse (yes, it can be hot in Scotland) I explained my predicament to Colin, the proprietor. Once he knew that I had to be in Edinburgh the following day he dropped what he was doing and started work on my injured bike. The outlook was bleak. The shifter was beyond repair and a transplant was needed. Colin then proceeded to dismantle the shop in a bid to find the necessary parts. Nothing fitted the bill.
With an air of confidence seldom seen,Colin said 'leave it with me'. I felt fairly confident that this guy knew what he was doing but was now facing the prospect of a mile or so walk to my b&b. I needn't have worried! Colin produced from nowhere a bike for me to get to my digs on and said he would ring me later with a 'patient' update.
Two hours later I got the call. My Claude Butler had made it. Fully functional again and no adverse side effects.
Now, here is the amazing thing! Colin could not source a nine speed shifter so he went home and took the one off HIS OWN BIKE to get ME out of trouble.
I've never experienced customer service like this in my life,and I'm 62.
With my faith in human nature fully restored I can now stop being a cynical old git, thanks to Colin and Belhaven bikes.

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Re: Something positive!

Postby JamesE » 13 Jun 2016, 8:05pm

Funny you mention this… a week or so before you I was also riding the Coast and Castles, and managed to completely wear out my brake pads during a very wet day over the Lammermuir Hills. Colin at Belhaven Bikes not only dropped what he was doing to sort that out, but spotted a cracked rear rim that could really have ruined my day a bit further down the line. Fished out an old wheel to get me on my way, then later cut the hub out of the broken wheel and posted it back to me. All while being the chattiest, friendliest staff member of any bike shop I’ve ever been in. Have popped a few beers in the post as a thank-you, it’s the very least he deserves. Absolute star.