Gyes GS17 leather saddle

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Gyes GS17 leather saddle

Postby trilathon » 21 Mar 2017, 8:07pm

Prior to purchasing this saddle I couldn't find much about this brand, at least not much that was recent or positive. Much seemed to centre around cheap copies from the far east, the sort of sneering slander that many bray in this particular industry. It's gone on a Van Nicholas which also hails from the same country.

Anyhow I bought based on the fact, I liked the look of it,and I wanted a saddle that would absorb sweat on occasional long summer rides/ camping trips, plus it was £60 versus the brooks version being circa £110.

What could go wrong ?

Well, a year later, it's been on bicycle bedecked with full guards and has done approximately 60 -100 miles per week in all weathers. It seems to deal well with sweat and no adverse consequences so far.

It's not needed adjusting, hasn't deformed any, and has been superbly comfortable from day one ( being reasonably flexible leather compared to Brooks) and at least as well finished if not better ( I've had to return a Brooks due to poor finishing). The copper plating is still intact and shiny.
The only noticeable signs of change is the slightly lighter areas where a lot of friction takes place. I once wore light blue tights with it and some staining occurred, so black only from now on that cycle.

So very pleased with my saddle at this stage.

Done a few 20 plus hour cycling and rough stuff camping weekends recently and a 230km audax...still very comfy
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