Axiom Uni-fit Mk 3 Rear Pannier Rack

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Axiom Uni-fit Mk 3 Rear Pannier Rack

Postby Elizabethsdad » 14 May 2017, 9:43am

Last year I bought a set of De Port pannier bags from Practical Cycles but their size and shape meant there was no heel clearance and I could see no way of adjusting or refitting the Tubus rack that the bike came with. Finally got around to getting and fitting a replacement rack - I got an Axiom Uni-fit Mk 3. Comes with a range of mounting options and fitted on quite easily. Bags now sit much further back and heel clearance no longer a problem. Rack is also rated to carry 50kg. I would say worth a look if you want a rack for carrying big bags and big loads.

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Re: Axiom Uni-fit Mk 3 Rear Pannier Rack

Postby esuhl » 22 May 2017, 10:30pm

I've had the same rack for a few years now, and it's excellent. My bike doesn't have any rack mounting points, and has disc brakes (which can sometimes make a rack difficult to fit), but the rack is very sturdy and supports more weight than similar racks (up to 50kg, I think).

However, it doesn't come with everything you need to mount it. And the shape of the metal "foot" that mounts to the QR skewer means that (on my bike) the tip gets pulled into a recess round the rear mech hanger. This caused my rear skewer to bend and snap -- obviously something pretty dangerous.

I got a washer to stop the mounting foot and skewer bending (okay... I bought 100 and threw 99 away :roll: ): ... pack/8679p

But my skewer was only barely long enough without the washer; with it, only about 1.5mm of screw thread protruded (which I also thought might be dangerous). Unfortunately QR skewers come in standard sizes, so I spent ages buying all sorts of random ones until I found ONE supplier of QR skewers for tandems -- 10mm longer than normal, and just right: ... -oln-hubs/

Oh, and I had to buy some P-clips to attach the top of the rack to the frame: ... _27395.htm

I asked Axiom for advice in how to mount the frame to my bike safely, but they were completely useless, claiming (in terse one-liner replies) that no one else had ever had a problem. So, pretty bad customer service. Lots of people must have had problems with the length of a standard QR skewer.

Anyway, having put the effort in and bought a few extra parts, it's a very-well made rack and I'm delighted with the end result.