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Zefal Z-Hoze

Postby mjr » 17 Jul 2017, 6:05pm

http://www.zefal.com/en/inflation-acces ... -hoze.html

It's a hose. It has a Presta-like end for connecting to a pump, then some tube, then a very clear inline gauge, then some tube, then their "Z-Turn System" connector that connects one way up to Presta valves and the other to Schrader. Weighs about 40g in total.

When it works, it's very useful. It's a good way of using a lightweight gaugeless mini-pump but have the benefit of a gauge and connecting hose so you're not guessing the pressure or bending the valve.

Two drawbacks noticed so far:

Firstly, the Z-Turn connector. It works basically by screwing onto a Schrader valve thread on the end of the hose - but that means the end to connect to a Presta valve has the Presta thread and washer inside/above a now-unused Schrader thread which would connect to the hose if it was reversed. This extra length before the thread means that it won't seal on some short Presta valves (or any Woods valves) and you'll need to use a Presta-to-Schrader adapter with the Schrader end anyway.

Secondly, the length of hose means that your pump needs to produce a high enough pressure within 30cm or so of tube, gauge and connector(s) to open the valve initially and not all pumps will do that for Presta valves at road bike pressures. Neither of my frame pumps would (but one's old and the other's cheap), nor would a Lifeline mini pump. A telescoping Giyo Air Supply GP06S could. Floor pumps do easily, but I think they almost all have gauges.

So in short it seems a nice idea let down ( ;-) ) by a couple of poor side-effects. I suspect omitting the short tube on the pump side of the gauge and providing a simpler, shorter Schrader connection hose and Presta adapter on the tyre side would make this smaller, lighter and useful with more pumps.

I think most people would be happier with a mini pump with gauge and a £2 extension hose and adapter - it would give the same features but probably work out cheaper, lighter and smaller.
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