Aldi stuff

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Aldi stuff

Postby Cugel » 27 Nov 2017, 5:10pm

The cycling stuff was a week or three ago but this week seems to be ski stuff week. There are fine merino things to be had for not much, all of them suitable for winter cycling too.

Two other items are of note:

A pair of bike lights that look like Lezyne clones - apart fro the price. A mere 14.95 for a pair of Aldi lights, with a 3 year warranty. I can't say what the lumens are or how long they run but they're very bright, with 4 levels of steady and 4 levels of flashing for each. They're also lithium-ion rechargeable via USB. They seem very well made, with metal body and good rubber straps for bars or seatpost.

For those fuelled by coffee, how about a proper espresso machine for £50! Yes, it's red and chrome (there are white & grey versions too) with the standard set of functions (including milk steamer-frother) and a 4 year warranty. Having used the beast for three days I can tell you that it makes very proper espresso (with crema) as well as cappuccinos et al. Having looked at Gaggia machines and felt my wallet wilt, I am very pleased with this item, which pleasure may have been amplified by my coffee jags, true... :-)

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Re: Aldi stuff

Postby yostumpy » 5 Jan 2018, 8:27am

I searched a while for one of those moon nebula copy lights, but couldn't find one ,they were about £14, but then, just before Xmas, in the reduced section, I found ONE , for £6.99 . SQUEEEEE!!!