Refurbishment - paint supplier Riolett

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Refurbishment - paint supplier Riolett

Postby David9694 » 26 May 2018, 6:02am

I found this firm’s site, which looks very promising mainly for solid colours; there are some pearl finishes but the offer on metallic paint seems quite modest. I haven’t havent yet ordered from them but I sure have my eye on that hard to find shade RAL 6027.

They explain the properties the varieties of paint (acrylic, cellulose, synthetic enamel); they’re not the only firm who cuslom mix paints, but everything I’ve found up til now has been geared to the motor car and/or to a fairly limited set of standard colours. They will colour match from a sample. This site shows you, and willl mix to, a massive range of colour standards (RAL, BS and Pantone). Then you choose the variety and the finish i.e. matt, high gloss - not sure what the difference is if you are lacquering.

At £10 a pop it, ain’t the cheapest. For £4.50 they’ll sell you a pot of touch-up at the same time as your order.