Hood for bivvying camping etc

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Hood for bivvying camping etc

Postby Sweep » 27 Jun 2018, 3:32pm

Quick post - this forum doesn't seem to have a bargains thread so this will have to go here.

Short term offer.

https://www.tredz.co.uk/cycling-waterpr ... q=Evo+hood

£2.69 with free postage and maybe two small packs of sugary toffee.

Meant for a specific cycling top but can be used independently.

Grabbed one as I thought it would come in for bivvying, for sheltering from rain or for keeping a hat on.

Good material an design, good peak which maintains its shape, easy to put on/take off as it opens up at the front with a broad piece of Velcro to secure it. Packs small. Altura does good stuff.

Mods feel free to delete once offer has expired.

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Re: Hood for bivvying camping etc

Postby mercalia » 27 Jun 2018, 9:23pm

I bought a couple of these - they only have the Green and Blue ones left so maybe an end of line item. They are quite nice big enough to take a thinnish bobbleless woolly hat underneath that tends to come off if you are camping and sleeping in one, so this might solve that problem. any way nicely made and cheap at the price incl postage