Ergotec Futura seatpost.

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Ergotec Futura seatpost.

Postby reohn2 » 30 Aug 2018, 4:40pm

This one:- ... ost-720038
Ordered on Friday from Rose in Germany,received yesterday,not a bad turnaround if you ask me and £20 cheaper than in the UK even including £7.60p postage.
I got round to fitting it to my Vaya today,main reason for buying is that my favoured mid 90's saddles,Sella Italia Turbomatic 2 and San Marco Squadra are getting a bit thin on the ground and whilst they fit a Thorn seatpost with 25mm layback,the saddles are fully back on the rails and as I only have one of each spare I'm concerned if I break anymore there'll non left available.
The Ergotec has a mahusive layback of 50+mm which puts the clamp dead centre of the saddle rails evening out the stress on them.

The fitting was a little more involved than a simple micro adjust sadddle as the long bolt that can be seen in the photos adjusts both layback,which is infinately adjustable on small serrations at the top of the main post,and saddle leveling which is done by rotating the round polished alloy bit on the arm.
Once desired layback and level is achieved fore and aft is taken care of by tightening the bolt in the centre of the polished alloy saddle clamp.
All fittings seem secure enough and build quality looks to be excellent,which is reassuring as I was a bit skeptical looking at the photos before buying.
I haven't ridden it yet and will report back when I've put some miles in on it.
Two things that struck me a)it's plug ugly,and b)it's heavy at 490g compared to the Thorn's 350g other than that it it does what other seat posts don't.

I almost bought a Nitto cro mo steel post S84(?). But on seeing how much of the clamp is higher than the rails and remembered I'd had problems with another post with the saddle bottoming out on similar clamp decided not to risk it and function won out over form.

Watch this space for a further update.

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Re: Ergotec Futura seatpost.

Postby pwa » 31 Aug 2018, 11:53am

Looks interesting. And of course with seat posts you can lose some weight by sawing off any excess length, if there is any.

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Re: Ergotec Futura seatpost.

Postby freeflow » 31 Aug 2018, 3:47pm

I acquired one of these recently too. Setting the saddle position can be a bit of a faff but once you have done it a separate bolt allows the saddle to be removed and replaced without issue.

I needed the whole 50mm to get my saddle in the right place.

The seat post also creaked quite a bit until I dismantled it and greased everything.

I'm currently 110 kg and have done a number of 100km+ rides with no obvious issues.

I did take some pictures of the dismantled seat post so I'll try and upload them shortly.