Halfords Wet Lube

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Halfords Wet Lube

Postby pwa » 13 Oct 2018, 4:14pm

Don't waste your money.

Unlike many, I like wet lubes. I know the oil picks up dirt but I like the fact that lube, even dirty lube, stays on my chain in the wettest of wet weather. So I am happy to live with the limitations of stuff like Finish Line wet chain lube.

But the Halfords stuff is ridiculously viscous. When first applied and the chain is run backwards you can see web like threads of it forming between chain and mech. And after it has been on the chain for a week it has formed a toffee-like substance, no longer liquid at all, on everything it has touched. The black toffee is very hard to shift. I put a chain to soak in white spirit and it was still difficult to clean.

I won't be putting any more of this gunk on my bike. I'm waiting for the postie to deliver my Finish Line.

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Re: Halfords Wet Lube

Postby mjr » 13 Oct 2018, 7:15pm

Yeah. I've just finished the end of a years old bottle of this horrid stuff on a bike where the drive train had been run to death (so it wanted lubricant but I didn't mind it not lasting and never coming off).

If you need lubricant fast, the basic weldtite stuff is in most bike shops, while DIY barns often have the WD40 cycle oil (not the ordinary spray... but even that's probably better than the Half odds wet lube!). It's not your posh American or Italian stuff, but it'll lubricate well enough.
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